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Why did Dr. Huebner choose to go into Concierge Medicine?

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Welcome to Our Practice

We continue to enjoy our office space, utilizing our new practice model.  We think you will find the office to be a beautiful calming space that is specifically designed for this type of practice.  We are able to safely see patients for routine and urgent care, as well as those who would like to schedule their Executive Style Physical.  The office address is Suite 135 at 5477 Glen Lakes Drive.

We work with Dr. Chelsea Dunn in our office space. She and I worked together for a number of years at my former practice and share similar interests in providing personalized patient care. We are happy about this association because it provides convenient cross-coverage when necessary, while still maintaining our individual practices.

For individuals thinking about joining my practice, let me share with you some of my motivation for my practice model change. Over the last few years at my previous practice I became very concerned with corporate medicine’s interference with individualized health care. Personalized health care had become much harder to deliver. My patients not only wanted, but deserved increased physician availability and on-time, unhurried appointments. Patients desired a physician who would listen and understand their healthcare needs, as well as coordinate with their specialists. Considering all of this, I decided to focus my efforts on delivering the kind of health care I wanted to practice and my patients deserved.

In order to accomplish this I practice through a Patient-Centered Membership Model that yields enhanced individualized care. Some of the conveniences of this model include: an annual Executive style physical with an individualized treatment plan and a focus on prevention and wellness, same/next day office visits, on-time appointments, longer appointment times, ease of scheduling and direct physician contact information for after hours emergencies.

Although we are close to our capacity, we do have spots that open up at times.  To claim your spot as a member in my practice, a membership fee, not covered by insurance, is required. This program will not replace your insurance plan. It will provide personalized and professional attention to your health care needs, in addition to services not provided by Medicare plans. I am now credentialed with most of the major health plans, including Medicare.

Join me in moving from crisis care to wellness-centered care with the peace of mind that comes with membership. To hear more about this membership-based medical plan and see if or when spots are available, please speak with my Practice Manager Kristin. You can reach her at our office number (214) 361-2277 Prompt #3. She will be able to tell you more about the member benefits and cost, as well as handle inquiries about how this change will affect you directly.

As always, my passion is to make your optimal health my priority.

To your health,

Mitchell Huebner, M.D.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call (214) 361-2277

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Caring and Responsive

    Dr. Huebner has done a great job of being accessible even during the difficult time of COVID 19. I am thankful to have his personal number in case of something urgent.

    Dr. Huebner has been my personal physician for the 18 years I have lived in Dallas. He gives me excellent medical care and has always provided helpful answers and insights to my questions, especially as these past two decades have now led to discussions regarding the natural issues of aging. I would recommend him to anyone.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Huebner's since 1999. There have been a couple of times since then that work insurance plans changed and Dr. Huebner became out-of-network. During those periods, with other physicians, I was reminded of the caring, compassion, concern and thoroughness of Dr. Huebner. It was an easy decision to join his membership practice. He is an amazing physician/person.

    I feel strongly about Dr. Huebner's abilities as illustrated by my long association with him and the trust I put in his hands. Not only will he listen to me, but will add or reject some of my thoughts carefully-no automatic responses! He allows me to be a major player in my health...which many doctors will not.


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